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Coming November 4th from Grand Central Forever Yours ~ Sealing the Deal, Ladies Who Lunch Book 3

After losing her sister, Bethany Rogers needs a shoulder to lean on more than ever—though she never expects that shoulder to belong to her new boss . . .

Bethany has been in love with Robert Ashford since they were teachers at the same high school. After Robert leaves to start his own construction company, Beth puts her feelings aside to focus on her goals. When she finally lands a gig as a part-time designer, she is shocked to find her new boss is none other than Robert . . . and he’s hotter than ever. But Bethany’s happiness is short-lived when she receives word that her sister has been killed in combat.

With the success of building homes for one happy family after another, Robert is finally ready to settle down. When Beth is left to care for her nine-month-old niece, Robert can’t help but step in. And before long, the trio are inseparable. Yet convincing the cautious, bereaved Beth of letting him in proves difficult—but Robert will give everything he’s got for the chance at his own happily ever after.